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This weekend, we have a great  contrast: La Rioja and Greenland!.

Mendi and Iñaki had a soft experience in Cenicero, running between vinegards.

In the other hand, Jesus had a radical experience in Greenland, running a half marathon in saturday and a full Marathon in sunday.

As our basque proverb says, "gustoko tokian aldaparik ez", than means something like "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".




PD: We want to hope a good luck to those of our members who are going to run Nueva York Marathon, next sunday.



Carrera entre viñedos. Cenicero. 11,5km

1044 1:06:37 Jose ignacio Mendizabal    
1045 1:06:37 Iñaki Eizaguirre    

The Polar circle Half Marathon

  2:49:26 Jesus Eguimendia    

The Polar circle Marathon

66 5:28:22 Jesus Eguimendia