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On Saturday 11 was attached to training an Australian girl, Rebecca.

She spent four holiday days here  (coming from Barcelona and still route to Europe) and had searched in google a group to run.
Koteli and Josean hosts and we did the photo we took along. It was her birthday (and mine) and then went for a tribute to Akelarre. So she said by email, she enjoyed the meal very much, as our running and all the days in San Sebastian.
Rebecca, the day you come back we will receive you delighted. A hug.


This is the message she sent us, just to cry for happiness and also making an effort with Spanish and Basque languages ;-)

Dear Josean and Koteli,
It was exceptionally lovely to meet you this morning. In fact, it was magnifico. Gracias muchos for making me feel so welcome. I have been so humbled by the way the Spanish - particularly the San Sebastián people - have made me feel so welcome, and been so helpful, even when we do not speak each other's language. Your city is truly heaven on earth and I am so grateful to have been able to come and spend some time here. I do not take it for granted. Also, running is a truly tremendous thing, because it allows strangers to become instant amigos. I now will call you mis amigos because you helped to give me a wonderful memory for life. And Josean, how extraordinary that we share the same birthday!
Happy urtebetetzea!
Kind Regards,
Rebecca from Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia (near Melbourne)